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Monday, October 25, 2010

First Borns, Middles and Sisters

Usually when I don't blog it is because I have SO MUCH to blog about, that I don't know where to start. Taking inspiration from a friend or two, I am committing to at least three posts a week: Middle Child Monday, First Born Friday and Sister Saturday. These posts will be dedicated to Brit, Tate & Ellie respectively. Trying to keep it simple as to not overwhelm myself. Also, since it is a rare occasion these days that I pick up a pen to write in the journals that I've kept for each of my children since their births, this will be another attempt to document their lives. and mine.

So we begin with Middle Child Monday and I will sum up Britton David in one word: Silly.  See ABOVE..wouldn't you agree?

Don't feel left out, B...all the other ones are getting one word this week as well.  More about all of my babies next week.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Eleven at 11

I realized as soon as I posted the Top 10 at 10, there were a few things I forgot to mention, so we'll just add them here. Again, in no particular order, here are 11 things about my girl at 11 months of age:
1. You traded in your paci for your arm. Looks like you have permanent burns/hickeys right next to your wrists.
2. You DANCE! I love to watch you move.
3. You can stand on your own, but quickly sit as soon as you catch yourself doing it.
4. You LOVE your bath. I knew you took after me.
5. So thankful that you will let just about anyone hold you. I know you love me but it gives me comfort to know that without me, you are still ok.
6. You save your deepest belly laughs for your brothers. Oh, how they make you smile.
7. We call you Ewa, baby Squirrel, Squirrely Girl, Smells, Rusco, and Bells to name a few.
8. You pitched your first fit on October 20th, 2010. Hope it's not a taste of things to come.
9. You started waking up between 2 & 3 am...EVERY NIGHT for the past week. I try to ignore you and usually can for about 30 minutes, but you don't give up until you get a visit from mom and dad. (I see that smile, April!)
10. Guess how many times I've been truly frustrated with you in the past 11 months? ONCE! Same for your dad...just once...he SOOOO obviously adores you.
11. I'm still your favorite!

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

I don't ever want to forget this day

Dear Ellison,

I wish that I could tell you that today's discovery would be something that you will rarely experience in your life- but I can't lie to you.  What you did today, with such curiosity and gusto, will not always feel like such a Disneyland adventure.  It won't be fun, you won't ever get a medal for it, no one will die if you DON'T do it, and chances are it will never be something you look forward to.  Ellison, today you discovered LAUNDRY.

I can't promise that you may not one day find yourself angry at the very person who's boxer briefs you are holding in your hand, or that you won't be irritated by the 15th grass/ketchup/sharpie stain you find on your schoolager's Sunday best, or dumbfounded at the sheer volume of burp cloths and onesies have accumulated in a day.  I can't promise it will ever be easy or exciting or fun. 

But I promise you this:
One day you will pray over that pair of undies and thank God for the man who wears them.  You will gasp when you think how much that schoolager has grown and how it has become increasingly difficult to decipher "who's is who's" because they are all just getting so big.  One day you will fold a onesie or a burp cloth or a fuzzy little sock for the very last time.  And then it will hit you.  You've spent the last (however many) years taking care of your family- from the food on the table to the clothes folded neatly and placed in a drawer.  You've loved them, prayed for them, held them and have simply been there for them.  Then you will know that no task- great or small- is a burden or a chore as long as it is done in love.

Delight in the little things, my love.  Cherish the path that the Lord has given you.  Rejoice and seek God's  face in all you do.

Oh, and bleach for your whites, cold for your colors, and don't let anyone ever tell you that liquid fabric softener is a splurge.

I love you,

Monday, October 11, 2010

Top Ten at 10

Ellie is almost 11 months, but I've had this post in my head since her 10 month birthday.  Here are the Top Ten (in no particular order) things that came to mind on September 21st:
1. Her first pearly white pops through her bottom gum
2. Says mama to me and dada to the dog...and Derek
3. Holds the phone up to her ear as if to say "hello"
4. Waves "Bye Bye"
5. Stands on her own
6. Belly laughs at her silly brothers
7. Goes to bed at 6pm....wakes up at 7 or 8 am
8. Eats a blueberry waffle every morning for breakfast
9. I FINALLY let her eat Cheerios and WHOLE Puffs
10. She reaches for me, hugs me, kisses me and LOVES ME

I love, love, love this little girl!