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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The real reason for the new mini van

OK, folks. By now most of Habersham County knows so I'll announce to the blogosphere that baby Shaw #3 is on the way! 9 weeks 2 days today and enjoying bouts of morning, afternoon and evening sickness!! Like Heather said the other day..."So THAT'S why you bought a mini van"!

I've been reluctant to post this becuase I had a misscarriage in February. I did not know how much that scared me until I was pregnant again and even after 3 positive tests was not completely convinced there was a baby in my belly until I saw the ultrasound last week. He/She is in there, allright, healthy and thriving. We are thrilled about expanding our family and are even closer to our end goal (God willing) of 4 children.

My due date is November 3oth so hopefully by then we will be all settled in our new house with a freshly painted room in pale pink or calming blue.

It's hard for me to be "over the moon" about this baby- trying not to get too attached but also thanking God for the blessing, no matter what the outcome. Prayers from friends and family are appreciated.