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Saturday, April 24, 2010

What's your passion?

Almost 6 years ago the greatest dream for my life here on earth came true- I became a mother.  Before my bundle of baby boy joy arrived, this was the life I envisioned:
Being that I felt that it was my calling in life to be a stay-at-home mom, surely God would equip me to be an expert: Me, a nice outfit and a bit of make-up greeting my husband every evening with a kiss and a cooing baby in my arms.  "I'm so glad you're home", is what I'd say.  Dinner, of course, would have already been lovingly prepared and it would be sitting on the candle-lit table as soft, relaxing music played in the background.  Our home would be sparkling clean and clutter would be a thing of the past.  After all, I was going to be home ALL day and the only thing I would have to do would be to take care of this 7 pound precious- I'd have all the time in the world to create the "perfect home".

Uh....yeah right!  I have to admit that I was pretty devastated when the reality of a new baby combined with my general lack of "good housekeeping" skills collided into what was now my new reality.  The truth?  Sure, I greeted my husband every evening at the door...
...10 Nextel "direct connects" over the span of 5 minutes demanding "when will you be HOME???" later.  When he did arrive, there I'd be- sleep deprived, un-showered with knots in my hair, spit up all over me thrusting the colicky baby into his arms almost yelling "Good, your home- now it's YOUR TURN!"  As he looked at me bewildered, he'd take the baby and then navigate around all the baby "hunks of plastic junk" we'd managed to accumulate in a little under a month.  Trying to find a spot on the couch amongst piles of unfolded laundry and Parenting books and magazines I'd dog-eared in a desperate attempt to figure out this thing called "mothering".  And dinner?  HAH!  Isn't that what delivery is for?

I felt like a failure.  How could it be that God had called me to be at home with my child, yet I was fairing so miserably?  Alone in a new city without one person to go to for support, I spent months in despair.  Then my mom suggested that I attend a MOPS meeting.

MOPS?  What is that, I wondered?  She explained that it was a group for mothers just like me who primarily stayed at home with their children.   The group would probably be a source of support and friendship and a way for me to get connected with others in the community.  The best part?  It was a Christian group, so I knew that I would be among fellow believers.

So, I got on my computer, did a search on the Internet and contacted the Coordinator of the group that met closest to my house.  When I finally went to my first meeting, I almost cried with relief as I sat among many women who were in situations just like mine.  Some were seasoned mothers with brilliant advice and encouragement to give.  Others were new moms.  I remember one new mom in particular who was as scared as I was to drop her child off in MOPPETS.  We'd both secretly sneak back to the nursery in between breakfast and Discussion Group time to check on our babies- who were doing just fine without us, I might add.  It felt so good to know that other women were going through the same thing as I.  For the first time since pledging Phi Mu 7 years prior, I felt "At Home" in this group of new friends.

Fast Forward one and a half years and another baby later, I found myself in a new town yet again.  Without a MOPS group to attend, I formed a small playgroup with a few other moms from my church and community.  We were fairly organized with a schedule and a rotation of hostesses, but I wanted something more for my fellow mommy-friends.  I knew the friendship, encouragement and support that a MOPS group would offer and I wanted to share the MOPS experience with every "at home" mom I knew.  I began praying about starting a MOPS group.  Soon I would discover that when the Lord's will aligns with your heart's passion & desire...magic happens. 

I set out to find "someone" who would start a MOPS group, praying the God would deliver the perfect leader.  Someone with more biblical education than I; more connected in the community than I; someone braver & more confident than I.  However, when I found this statement during my MOPS research, I knew I'd found the person that was to start the first MOPS group in Habersham County.  "God does not call the equipped, he equips the called."  That statement along with knowing "With God, all things are possible", gave me the confidence to take charge of this new group that I felt the Lord was leading me to begin.

It wasn't always easy and I had to "scrounge" up people to be on the very first Steering Team.  ALL of whom I'd never met before, but found by word of mouth.  I would go over to each potential Steering Team member's house and pour my heart and vision for MOPS out to them on our very first meeting.  But the Lord moved mountains, gave us funding, found MOPS leaders and delivered us precious mothers to minister to.

Today, Habersham MOPS is 55 moms strong and growing and I could not be more thrilled to see the blessings that have been bestowed upon this group.  One of the greatest pleasures that I have taken away from MOPS is to watch ordinary moms turn into extraordinary leaders- pushing the limits of their comfort zones and stepping up to God's calling.  This year I will have the honor of assisting our newest MOPS Coordinator, Kimberly Chosewood.  During our conversations about the future I had to reassure her time and time again that no, I am not "called" to be the Coordinator right now but feel it is my place to stand in the background and let her and the rest of the Steering Team shine.  I cannot wait to watch Kimberly and the other Steering Team members grow closer to the Lord and become the Godly Leaders that He is equipping them to be.

Loving mothers is my passion and serving in this MOPS ministry is my reward.  I urge you to find your passion, your calling in this life because I promise you, there is no greater feeling that knowing that you are serving His people in His will.

What's your passion?  Share it with me in a comment attached to this post.

To find a MOPS group near you, visit: http:///

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Even if I don't win...

...I've still won.

My Friend and fellow blogger, Laura told me about an article in a recent edition of the Northeast Georgian titled "Grandmother of the Year nominations sought".  So, being that I believe I have one of the most amazing grandmothers on the planet, I thought I'd nominate her.  Below is the essay and thank you to Laura bringing this to me as well as editing my essay!

My Grandmother is the closest thing to “Jesus here on earth” that I have ever seen. She’s spent a lifetime serving and loving His people with her hands and her heart; thus leaving a Christ-centered legacy to her four children, nine grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. The name on her driver’s license reads Joyce Abernethy Allison, but those closest to her simply call her “Gram.”

She loves to tell the story of how she got the name “Gram”. Being the oldest grandchild, I had the unique opportunity to choose her “Grandma” name. One day in those early years I came and asked her “Grandmamma, can I call you Gram, like the Graham cracker?” She’s been Gram ever since.

Gram treats everyone like family and will feed anyone who walks through her door. Her macaroni and cheese and tomato pie leave you wanting to visit again real soon. She walks three miles a day, cheers for the Atlanta Braves and always puts God first. It’s hard to believe there will be 80 candles on her birthday cake this December- I am amazed by how she is still so actively giving to everyone around her.

The first Sunday of every month you’ll find Gram rocking a baby in the nursery at Bethlehem Baptist Church. Then on Monday, she’ll be delivering “Meals on Wheels.” Every Wednesday she’s preparing takeout meals for Bethlehem’s Family Fellowship Supper, and the fourth Monday of the month, she’s serving up food and love at the Clarkesville Soup Kitchen. So you see it’s not just her family that Gram pours her heart and service into, it’s her community too.

But it’s much more than selfless acts of service that make her such an incredible grandmother. She’s the one person that I can always count on when I’m in need- not only letting me live with her when my husband was deployed to Iraq, but again four years later with a husband and two sons in tow as we built our first house. It is her heart, her unconditional love for all people and the way she not only reads the Bible every day; she lives it. So when I recently gave birth to my first daughter, I found it only fitting to name her Ellison “Joyce.”

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Science

We started two science experiments yesterday.
1: We caught a Caterpillar and we are hoping it will stay alive long enough to form a cocoon and turn into a butterfly. The caterpillar is fuzzy though, so it will probably end up being a moth. Brit named it "Shabby" and just had to draw a picture for him to look at while he is entrapped in our man made habitat.
2: Put a sweet potato in water. Wonder if it will grow roots???

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Another mouth to feed... JUST what we need, right?

We finally added a four-legged friend to our family.  Meet our German Short Hair Pointer, Rose:
From March & April 2010
Named by Tate, loved by us all...I think.  I am not a "dog person" or any type of animal person for that matter, but I think it is important for children, especially little boys, to grow up with a dog to love and care for.  She really is a sweet puppy and we've only had a few accidents in the house.  She's definatley added a little more action around here, as if we didn't have enough already.

At laaaaast

It's funny how life goes on whether you're blogging about it or not.  I've taken a hiatus from contributing to the blogosphere, but I am back and more committed than ever to recording stories, thoughts and pictures of my everyday life.  A lot has changed since my previous posts- numero uno being the fact that I have resigned from Initials, Inc. and am now a full-time stay at home mom.  This may come as a shock, considering my post about truly having "it all", but it turns out "all" isn't always best- especially when the quality of it "all" lessens, the more things I have my hands into.

Truth: three children, a home, a husband, a LIFE and a JOB were too much for me to juggle.  Now, I am back to where I need to be, concentrating on what matters most to me in the world- the living beings that reside within the 4 walls of my home.

Ahhhh....its good to be back!