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Monday, July 28, 2008

I wonder, is moving like giving birth? It is so painful during the act that you swear in the moment you will never do it again. And then, almost hours later you think- hey that wasn't so bad?

My pack rat ways have definitely caught up with me, as my husband warned they would over the past nine years of our life together. At this point, I don't think I'll ever buy my favorite "yellow lotion" during Clinique Bonus Time ever again! Who needs 50 small pouches with mini tubes containing creams you never even heard of?

Aye! I'll have to get a snapshot of the pile I've left for our trash man tomorrow...I'm thinking I'll leave him a tip!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cha Cha Cha Changes....

If you are my friend, you already know the changes that are going on in our life right now. I will spare the details and cut to the chase. Two weeks ago we bought land on Monday and on Thursday we got a contract on our house and I accepted a full time position at Initials Inc.

We have to be out of our house by August 5th but I start work on July 3oth with a 5 day/night stay in Buckhead for the Initials Inc. yearly sales meeting- "Celebration". If I did not know that all of this fast paced timing was ordained by God, I think I would be checking into an insane asylum right now. Instead, I have the greatest sense of peace and purpose and I know I am being sustained by prayers from family and friends and the will of God.

So, why does a happy & blessed stay-at-home mom/Coordinator of MOPS decide to go back to work? I have no idea. I cannot give you a single reason for going to work full time- all I can tell you is that I am following the plan God has given to me.

In the coming months I will document my transition from "at home" to "at work". I am sure that there will be a vast range of emotions as our whole family embarks on these changes. I can tell you that I already look at my children in a new light of appreciation and adoration. My patience with them is beyond any I've had over the past 4 years. I am treasuring every moment, every smile, every tear.

As mothers, I believe we all set out to do what we feel is best for our family. Whether that be to work or stay at home. I am absolutely certain that I will be judged for my decision to work- after all, I was constantly judged as a stay at home mom. How sad that 99% of the time those who judge mothers are actually other mothers! I can tell you that there will be difficult times of sadness when I wonder what my children are doing "right now". Hopefully there will also be a sense of confidence as I know that I am contributing to my families' future as well as helping other mothers realize their dreams of staying at home and earning extra money through Initials Inc.

Dear friends- I do ask you that you pray for me- for Derek and for Tate & Britton. I still have to decide where the kids will go after preschool. Praise God for the three Christian women who have offered to keep them. I am overwhelmed by the support and encouragement that I have gotten from my closest circle- I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!

As for MOPS, I will remain on the Steering Team as we transition Missy into the role of Coordinator. I absolutely cannot wait to see how the Lord will use her this year and how AWESOME the rest of the Steering Team will be.

For now, I am packing and moving and preparing for a new carreer. Check us out at .

Love & Many Blessings....