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Thursday, September 10, 2009

28 Weeks and counting

I am 28 weeks along as of Monday. I am already feeling her float up to my ribs where she likes to hang out all day long. Everything looks good- she is growing just as she should.

I've been a bit stressed latley, especially after learning that our house probably will not be done until mid to late October. I was hoping to be all settled in by now so we could have time to enjoy our new surroundings and concentrate on the boys. Truthfully, when this whole house journey began, I thought we'd be moving in by June...guess not.

The cabinets go in on Monday & Tuesday; granite and floors to follow. I know we don't have much longer, but the last few weeks seem like the longest.

The boys have been restless latley- most afternoons have been spent at various building materials places- flooring store, granite place, appliance store, cabinet makers, etc. I feel bad about dragginf them all around town, but I really do not have a choice.

We found out that Derek may have some sort of genetic disorder that has caused the sickness he has had over the past two years. Waiting to hear back from the insurance company as to whether or not they will cover the geneitc testing. We will do it either way though- we are willing to do whatever is necessary to get some answers. The good news is that it doesn't look like it is anything earth-shattering; just something that he will have to learn to live with, as he has pretty much done already.

Work has been so very busy. Struggling to keep the the "part time" in my job description. I have my dream job though and work for wonderful people- am thankful, so thankful that I have the option and chance to be employed right now.

I haven't been very dilligent about blogging latley- I feel guilty posting anything unless I have pictures, but half the time I cannot find the cord that attaches to my camera, so I just don't bother blogging.

Love reading up on my blogging friends- I am enjoying all the happiness that pours onto my computer screen and all the smiling faces of your beautiful children.

Blessings to all...hope to post a picture of the house (painted) soon!!