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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mayonaise sandwiches & popsicles...Summer has arrived!

Today has been full of firsts for us at the Shaw house. Derek made the boys their first mayonnaise sandwiches and much to my horror, they gobbled them up like they were hot brownies! Guess they are true "Shaw" boys, as the love for the creamy sandwich spread runs deep in Derek's clan.

I spent the morning cleaning house and then decided to organize the garage. It's always a work in progress. We haven't had a Saturday like this in a very long time- piddling around the house, working on projects that we don't have the energy to tackle during the week. No obligations.

Britton got to ride with daddy on the lawnmower today and he also ate his first Popsicle. Pictures below...

Britton's First Ride

Britton's First Popsicle

Tate's done this a time or two...

I love these pictures because I can see down the road, 60 years from now, the two of them side by side looking as ridiculous as ever in mesh-backed hats with straight rims. Only then, the Popsicles will be replaced by cups of coffee and the laughter will spill over a nice game of checkers.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

MOPS Update

I just got home from another MOPS Steering Team meeting. We try to cram lots of fun but lots of planning into those 1 1/2 hour meetings. God is tearing doors wide open for us in so many ways. We are meeting at a park in Corneila on Friday and will continue to have "Fridays in The Park" throughout the Summer. I just had to send a little shout out to the Lord to publicly thank Him for the many, many blessings he has bestowed on our group.


Man, is it HOT outside! The boys and I started planting a sunflower garden this morning, but after 15 minutes of digging, Tate, who loves to be outside, told me "It's too hot- let's go inside." WHo was I to argue? While I do love summer and the all the fun things that come with this season- the BLAZING heat is not one of them.

So we spent today making forts, cleaning house and then we made a caterpillar. We took a leg of pantyhose and filled it with a mixture of dirt and grass seed. After Tate put a cup full of the mixture in, I would tie off a "ball", we continued until 6 balls were formed. Then we used pipe cleaners for legs and antennae. The we set the caterpillar outside to soak up the sun and the water that Tate poured over him. The idea is that over time, the little bare naked caterpillar will start to sprout green "fuzz" (grass) and soon we will have a fuzzy little friend. I'll take a picture of it and periodically post the progress. We had so much fun!

Also, I told Tate about a little boy that we sponsor through 'Compassion'. His name is Pandi and I was writing a letter to him today and printing out pictures of our family. I explained to Tate that Pandi is not as fortunate as we are so we are trying to help him out by sending him money. Tate then asked me several "why" type questions. Later on I caught him in our change jar. I asked him what he was doing and he said "I'm getting money to send to "Panda". How much does he need, mom?" How precious was that!!??

I guess even at 3 he is grasping the concept of helping others. At least, that was my hope when I told him about Pandi. We will pray for Pandi and continue to support him- and write letters to him as a family. I want my boys to always be cognizant of the needs of others and develop a true passion for charity & missions.

Thank you, Lord for such a wonderful opportunity to share Your goodness and love with my boys!!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Tate

My firstborn baby turns three tomorrow. For some reason I am having trouble accepting this. A baby is a baby- a one year old is a baby- a two year old is still a baby, but three...he's not such a baby anymore.

My how this year has flown. Tate continues to amaze me with the things he knows and the things he picks up on. He has a zest for life that is contagious and he is as stubborn as the stubbornest parts of Derek and I. I love him. Oh, how I love him!

I find myself hugging a little tighter, holding a little longer and looking a little closer at his precious face. We play trains and chase and we sing and play ball and do art...we have so much fun together. I know it won't always be this way. One day it won't be "cool" to like your mother and the things I want to do with him won't be so fascinating anymore. I'll revel in the now.

The sweet part about three though is he is becoming his own little person. He has a sense of humor- he says "I'm just jokin' mom". He laughs at the funny things I say and do. We can have conversations about why caterpillars turn into butterflies and he stays with me.

I plan on living this year to the fullest. Tate is three, Brit is 16 months- both are getting more and more manageable by the day. There are lots of adventures out there for us- so many places to go and explore.

We are planning our first family camping trip for next weekend. I am so excited!! Derek and I laughed when we envision 2 am next Saturday morning when its hot as the blue blazes and we have two little boy furnaces sleeping next to us, yet we already know we won't get a wink. But still, how fun.

Speaking of Derek- BLESS HIM!! He has been a dream of a husband lately. Something has come over him and I truly thank God for it. He is happier- more easy going and is putting up with me like never before.

MOPS- that has been going GREAT! The Lord continues to send us more and more moms who want to join us in the fall. I CANNOT WAIT to see what He will do with this ministry.

Off to finish cleaning before the big party tomorrow. ALL of our parents will be there- that is something that hasn't happened since our wedding. I am so thankful that they can all make it this year.

Love to my friends.