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Friday, September 26, 2008

This is dedicated to the one I love...

Have I mentioned my husband lately? Why do I always neglect to give my life partner credit where credit is due? This week has been extremely busy at work and he has provided for my every childcare need! I love him. I love him. He is the best Daddy in the world to my boys- his true calling in life, I believe is to be a father. He is wonderful and tender and strong and the most driven person I know. Thank you, D for picking up my slack this week. I love you!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Friday Nights In Habersham

I grew up a Blue Devil, turned into a War Eagle for a few years and have ended up a Radier. This is how we spend our Friday Nights...


So, almost two months into the working mother world and still experiencing absolute JOY at work, cherishing PRECIOUS moments at home, but always fighting the guilt monster that lives under my bed. Something tells me that will never change.

At work we are in full swing with the Spring/Summer 2009 line. I am so excited about the new designs, fabrics and collections we are working on. Our business has grown by 500% compared to last year. In this economy, that is amazing! I am working on 2 different marking campaigns, connecting with new Creative Partners and constantly seeking new opportunities for growth. Every day is full and every day is fun!

At home, we've been relishing every daylight hour of cool weather. I love the fall!! We made our first attempt at camping on our lot this weekend. Unsuccessfully. Britton whined from the moment we opened the marshmallow bag til the moment we stumbled flashlight-less to the car at 9PM! Poor Tate was crushed, but spending an entire night in the company of a crabby 2-year old ain't my idea of fun! We promised Tate another adventure (sans Britton) in our 2 1/2 acre wood soon.

Derek is still having health issues. Please pray for him. He has seen every doctor and specialist under the Atlanta Sky and we are still no closer to an answer than we were a year ago. Whatever it is, my specific prayer is for him to be either healed or that we find out exactly what is wrong with him by November 1st. His job is going well, but has not been shielded from the economic mess the United States is in. I am THANKFUL that he even has a job at this point.

A drawing of our new home is in the hands of our builder and he is working out pricing. Now we wait.

I have two unspoken wonderful things that are going on in our life. Both to be revealed in due time...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Monday, September 15, 2008

Blogging Disclaimer

Faithful readers- please forgive me for how the appearance of my blog. I don't have time to fuss and fiddle over pictures and captions and making sure everything lines up...or is even legible! I am so frustrated with the blogger format for posting. I know the blogs a mess, but it will have to do for now.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

"The Bestest Day I've Ever Had..."

... is what Tate told me last week on our way home from the fair. This was our third trip to the annual Peachtree Fair that comes to Habersham County every September. Britton has never been old enough to go with us before, but we included him on this family-tradition of an adventure this year. We met the Garretts and part of the York was fun to see their babies look at the lights and at us crazies who rode the rides.

As usual, we stopped off at the animals first and let the boys feed them. Tate was comfortable letting the goats eat out of his hand. Brit kept his distance and threw his cup of food into the goat cage. We came up to this odd looking creature and Brit started backing up in fear shouting "Lion! Lion!"

Derek, Tate, Brit and I got warmed up on the Ferris Wheel and then we let the boys ride a few rides. Some of the rides were a little intense for two little boys...they loved them though.


Saturday, September 06, 2008

New Life, Continued

As I mentioned in my previous post, week 1 of Working Motherhood went better than I could have imagined thanks to best friends and Derek.

Week 2 was another story...

Monday was the first day of Preschool for Tate and Brit. Derek and I went together to drop them off and my deep sadness almost knocked the breath out of me. Sad because I saw all of the little sweeties that I had taught the year before, sad because I saw all the ones I would have taught this year and sad because I saw the fear in the eyes of my babies who did not want to go to Preschool. The practical part of my brain had shut off (you know, the part that should have said "Even if you were still an at-home mom, Tate would still be starting Pre-K and a few days a week of preschool would be great for Britton"). Oh, no, I was in full throttle mother-guilt land. I lingered outside of each of their rooms until I was satisfied that they would survive the next 8 hours without me.

I went to work with a pit in my stomach- but through prayer and the reminder that I was still in His will, my day got better. At 4:59 I was out the door and then arrived at Sonya's in under the 8 minutes that it would take a responsible driver to get there.

Alas, they were fine! I was greeted by smiles and sunshine.

So, the days got easier, but the week nights were rough. Derek left on Monday and didn't return until Saturday night. I was a virtual single mother and I didn't fare well. Mind you, I am not one of those "Can't function without my husband" whiny, wives. I survived over 400 days without Derek while he was in pre-deployment, then Iraq. And baby Tate and I managed to make the best of life without Dad when Derek used to travel for weeks at a time early in our marriage. The combination of work, making lunches, boosting toddler's self confidence, fatigue, strong-willed children almost did me in. I try not to cry in front of my children, but I did shed a tear or two that week.

Tate says all Confucius-like at the dinner table weeks later at a large family gathering: "Sometimes mommies and daddies cry. Like mommy cried when I wouldn't get in the car to go to the restaurant." So much for my "got it all together" facade.

Fast forward to weeks 3 & 4...I couldn't be happier and neither could my husband & children. The job is everything I could have ever wanted and my kids are so happy at Preschool and "Mrs. Sonya's house". Every minute that I have with them, I cherish. I am teaching Tate to read and encouraging Britton as he learns his colors, shapes, etc. We are blessed beyond measure.

This is not to say that we do not have difficult days- don't we all. But all in all we are doing great- individually and as a family. I cannot wait to see what the rest of 2008 has in store...

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Well, I guess its about time I blog about my new adventure as a working Mother. I've been "on the job" for almost a month now and we've pretty much settled into our new routine.

The unofficial start to my day usually begins some time between 3 & 5 am. This is when one or more of my little 'wonders' decides to pile in with Derek and I in the double bed we share in our temporary love nest. After reclaiming my pillow and my fair share of the covers, I'll sleep until I have to officially rise and shine at about 6:45.

The its juice and cereal bar for Britton and the biggest cup o' joe Mommy can find.

Brit watches The Wiggles while I shower and dress. I start waking Tate up around 7:45 and by 8:00 he's (hopefully) munching on a semi-healthy breakfast of Lucky Charms and fresh fruit.

At 8:30 we are out the door and in the car headed for preschool. Our trek to preschool usually includes a winding, rocky back road in which we religiously stop every morning, roll down the windows and "moo" at the cows. It is a happy day when we actually receive a "moo" back from our new brown & white friends.

By 8:50 I am kissing the boys goodbye and trying to escape from the preschool building without getting trapped in conversation by another mother or preschool teacher. (NOT that I do not love to chat- we all know that I do- its just my days of endless chatter are over- at least between the hours of 9 & 5)

9 am finds me pressing the round black button on the Dell Desktop (yes, I do LOVE my commute) then scurrying off to the kitchen for my first cup of Office Coffee- which, thanks to Deidre, ain't half bad!

From 9 until 5 or after, my day is a whirlwind. Meetings, meetings about meetings, conference calls, planning sessions, drafts, phone calls, emails, office banter, etc. Most days I still cannot believe my eyes when my computer screen reveals 4:45 pm. I'm typically out the door by 5, especially when I am the one picking the kids up.

I pull into Sonya's driveway about 5:10 and am greeted at her door by two little happy shorties dying to hug me and tell me about their day.

By 5:30 we're barreling into the front door- all papers, bookbags and juice cups- the boys are running to find their toys, I am flinging my shoes off and putting on PJ's.

Dinner is now around 6 and has been great since we're living with "Gram"- the saintliest woman I know. Sometimes she will cook- sometimes its me- my favorite is leftovers because I don't have to cook and I don;t have to feel guilty about her cooking either.

After dinner I let the boys play outside or in- whichever they choose. Sometimes we will go to our new neighborhood and play tennis and fish. The boys LOVE tennis- and I LOVE to teach them how to play.

7 pm is bath time and after that, if Tate has had a "sunshiny" day- he is rewarded by a 30 minute dose of his favorite cartoon- 'Tom & Jerry'.

8pm is 2 story books and 2 "stories without words" as Tate calls them. The ones without words are what I make up and 9 times out of ten have to do with "Two little boys, a dark cave and a treasure chest". What can I say, usually by this hour my creative juices have run dry. I sing 2 songs (Godspeed & I will be Here), give lots of hugs, snuggles and kisses and then, fingers crossed, I'm out the door.

It is a rare occasion these days that the boys actually stay in bed without being "scared" or "thirsty" or "hungry". Unfortunately, we typically do not see the last of them until around 9- but we're working on this. "Boundaries", Laura- yes, I know!!

So.....what goes on between the hours of 9 & 10 pm??? I'll never tell!!! (I'll give you a little hint- draft paper, square footage and building materials).

If I'm lucky I'm in bed with a book by 10, if I'm being realistic, I'm usually up making sandwiches, packing lunches and getting everything ready for the next day until 11.

Then it all begins again the next day. Same time, same place.

So, that is what I do each day. Now I'll address what you really want to do I feel?

The first week was pretty guilt-free since my children were cared for by a combination of best friends, family and my husband. Life was great really- I gave myself my job during the day, then was "Supermom" at night.

INTERNET mini novel was just deleted due to connectivity issues...will continue thoughts in a later post...