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Saturday, December 13, 2008

The time is drawing near...

We met with our builder today and finally things are looking up. We walked the property and made some decisions about location and which trees we will be able to save. Even though this preliminary process has taken a lot longer than we had anticipated, I think that the final outcome and price will be worth it. I am finally letting myself entertain the idea that we may be in our new home by May! This timeline sounds ambitious, but I know they are committed to building this as quickly as possible. I cannot wait to be able to post photos of turned up dirt on our lot!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Finally Friday

I think this has been the longest week I've had in awhile. I am hoping that I can muster up enough energy finish my chocolate truffles for Sara's treat exchange tomorrow. As I type this it is 9:41 PM and my kids are STILL up! I am letting them get away with a little extra play time tonight.

So, I was on my way home from the grocery store, passing the Aquatic Center when I see a deer standing in front of me. There is a ditch to my right and an onward coming car to my left. I ease onto the breaks because I don't want them to lock up thinking "OK, this deer is gonna get out of the way, I just know it". Nope. I hit him Hard with the right front of my car. I've lived in Haberhsam County for 5 years and I truly cannot believe this is the first deer that I've hit- it was inevitable I guess.

I felt terrible of course- more for the deer than for my car. It was pretty scary and sad to know that I left a deer suffering on the side of the road. I got home and Derek surveyed the damage- my light is falling off, my bumper is broken and the right front panel of my will have to be replaced. There was blood too...that was the worst. I cannot get over feeling terrible for that sweet little animal that was frozen in fear as my car approached. He could have possibly survived the impact, but is, no doubt in pain.

Tomorrow is a busy day. Derek and I are going to church to get screened as bone marrow donors. There is a lady in our church that is in desperate need of a marrow donor, so all of the members of our church ages 18-60 have been asked to get tested. Oh, what I wouldn't give to be a match for her- or if not me though, then I pray that someone is.

After the screening, Derek is dropping me off at Sarah's and then taking the boys to Johnny Gunn's for haircuts. When they come back to get me, we are meeting our builder at our lot to stake out where our house is going to go. I know I haven't mentioned the house latley- it has been a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong process that is a bit frustrating to talk about- just know that things are progressing (finally). Later on we are meeting my Dad, Step mom, brother and sister in Cumming at the Kani House for dinner. I imagine we will crash Saturday night. :-)

Well, if I have a stalker, now he or she knows where to find me tomorrow!! :-)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Came Early Today

Since day one of my career at Initials, Inc., we have been designing the new Spring/Summer 2009 line. We've held conference calls, requested run-offs, approved samples, made changes, inspected fabric tuns, matched Pantones, etc. Well, today the bags finally arrived!! It was almost like the birth of a child (OK, we all know that childbirth is WAY more exciting, but work with me here). We have spent all of this time planning for this new line, designing each piece with care and consideration and making sure that it will all "fit" into the new catalog. It's pretty cool to see something come to fruition that you helped create. I wish I could show you the new designs & fabrics...March 1 seems like a long time away!

Britney and I went shopping today for all of our photo shoot props which is on Monday & Tuesday- bless the ladies who will be modeling for us in their best spring outfits in the middle of December. We've spent countless hours deciding which items will be on what pages, what props we will use, what copy will appear on the pages, etc. I feel like all of our hard work is beginning to pay off as we see this new line come to fruition. This truly is my "dream job" and I am thankful as ever to have it.