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Sunday, June 15, 2008

On this day It is only fitting that I send praise and thanks to the three fathers in my life.

David, my father. The quiet intellectual with a tender heart who was the rock of my childhood. You were the image of strength, composure and patience. You encouraged Independence and life lessons. I understand a little better now, the sacrifices you made for us. I miss the way we used to be. Time and distance is between us but I will always love you.

Derek, the father of my children. The way you melt when you hold our babies and the way you always want to be a better man for me and for them. The way you provide everything we need and so much of what we want. You take your job as father so seriously- the way a Christian man should. Thank you for the guard you let down as you raise our boys to be men who are not afraid to love freely. Thank you for the fishing trips, the vacations and all the fun things we do as a family. You are making our boy's childhood rich with memories and love. Thank you for sharing Jesus with them and being a glimpse of our eternal Father here on earth.

God, the Father and Savior of my soul. The way you tell me "it's all right" when it doesn't seem like it is. The way that you assure me and bring peace to my heart when I am walking in your will. The way you have been so very real to me the last 5 years of my life. I only wish I'd longed for you sooner. The beautiful earth you created for us to enjoy- I am amazed by your beauty daily. You've blessed me with everything I have ever wanted in life. Thank you for giving me eternal life and for giving meaning to my days here on earth.

My cup runneth over...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This Month In History

June 2004

Wedding Weekend In Kentucky

Thursday we headed out caravan style with the extended family to Lexington KY for my cousin Josh's wedding. The morning was crazy- trying to leave the house "show ready" and making sure we hadn't forgotten anything. Luckily last Summer I took the time to make the most detailed packing list you've ever seen- so we NEVER leave home without all of our essentials. If you want a copy of it- email me and I will send it to you.

We pulled out of the driveway at about 12:10 pm and headed North. The drive wasn't all that bad actually, and the mountains we drove through were truly breathtaking. The boys stayed busy with various electronic devices (yes, all the modern conveniences I would have loved to have had as a child but swore as a mother "I would NEVER let my child have one of those..."). We stopped a little more often than Derek and I are used to but it was good for the boys to get our and stretch their legs. At 7:30 we arrived at our hotel and by 7:45 we were out the door headed for dinner.

I was a little nervous about the wedding because Tate was the ring bearer. He had been excited about it and looking forward to wearing his "awesome" tux as he described it. But you never know with kids, how they are going to act. I am happy to say that he did GREAT! He smiled appropriately and held onto the pillow despite uncle Alan's request to have him throw it over his shoulder. I have posted a video of his walk down the aisle on Youtube:

I was relieved when the ceremony was over and all the post-wedding pictures had been taken. We had survived. We left the wedding and arrived at the reception only to find that it was open-air (outside) and a little warm in the 90 something degree weather. Tate headed straight for the drinks and downed 3 cups of sickeningly sweet tea. 5 minutes later he was throwing up all over his tux! So, with no other clothes to don, he paraded around the reception in his undershirt and Thomas The Tank Engine underwear. Every now and then he would shout "I am about to pass out!" which meant- more drinks, please. He is SUCH a drama queen!
Hopefully we did not offend anyone by letting him roam around in his underclothes- we were sure to skip town as soon as the cake was cut. 5 minutes after we got into our hotel room, this was the scene:

All of my boys- reading, relaxing and looking so adorable in their t-shirts!

At about 7:30 am On Memorial Day, Derek and I were sipping our coffee out on the front porch leisurely enjoying the morning while the children played in the yard. It was the last time we'd so anything "leisurely" for the next seven days.

You see, my neighbor and Sorority Sister Audrey and her husband were out walking their dogs and strolling their son Cole. She came up to the porch and we exchanged pleasantries and then she asked me how the "land hunt" was going. I told her that Derek and I now know the Northern part Habersham County like the backs of our hands and while we'd found several lots that we liked- none were without fault.

My favorite so far had been a lot in Heyden Ridge- a 3 acre lot with a 180 degree mountain view. In fact, I just knew that is where I wanted to live. Well, when Derek and I talked about it over the course of three months, we came to the conclusion than a mountainous subdivision just wouldn't work for a 4-year old who loves to ride his bike. I digress.

So, Audrey asked us if we'd been into Grand Oaks Plantation? There was a wooded lot by a pond in there that she and Scott loved but the location is just too far away from Scott's work. So I said no, but we would have to check it out- she had us at "wooded and pond".

Audrey (did I mention she is a realtor) also mentioned that now would be a great time to put our house on the market because first time home buyers are still buying. Derek and I sort of laughed that off and said good bye.

Not 30 minutes after she left, I gave her a call and by the end of our conversation, Derek and I had decided to put our house on the the following MONDAY! Needless to say, we have been working ourselves to the bone, day in and day out to get our house ready to show. In one weekend we mulched the yard, pressure washed the exterior of our home, painted all the interior walls, cleaned out closets, had a yard sale and threw out approx. 20 yard bags of trash/junk!

People who know our "Wedding in Week" and "Baby in no time" history, know that the Shaws don't do anything slow. So, here we are, living in our own "show home" with me chasing the kids with a broom in one hand and a duster in the other. The scent of Clorox permeates the air daily and all my knick knacks and useless kitchen tools are packed away. It has been pretty stressful knowing that our house could be shown at any time with only a few hours notice. My plan was to spend as much time outside with the kids as possible, but the heat has kept us inside the past few days.

So, I have no idea when or if the house will sell- if nothing has happened by the Fall, we will probably take it off the market and put it on again in the Spring.

Oh, and we have decided to purchase the lot that Audrey told us about in Grand Oaks. It is beautiful with a small creek in the back. We are just waiting on the Health Department to approve our septic site and footprint of our home.