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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Potty Training Britton

So, I went out and bought Britton his own potty a few months ago. Tate was crushed by the fact that I didn't buy him one as well. Tate LOVES to go in Britton's potty, but 2 kids "going" in one training potty= LOTS of clean up for me. So, Tate is banned from the little potty which doesn't sit well with him.

Britton is not "loving" his own potty. He prefers the porcelain variety. Whatever floats his boat. Britton comes to me for help on the potty when he needs to poop, but urinating still happens in the diaper. I am not pressuring him. I didn't with Tate and I'm not going to start now. Here he is sitting on his new potty.

Boxers or Briefs?

Oh the weather is GORGEOUS today! The boys filled up the pool and had a blast playing splashing cars and "watering" the flowers. Unfortunately a few wasps showed up so me and the boys decided it was time to hang out inside for a while. Tate got his "bathing suit" out of his drawer which ended up being boxers. I had to explain to him the difference between boxers, briefs and bathing suits. It was kinda cute!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It doesn't feel much like Spring.

Is it spring already? The frost on the dogwood tree in our front yard this morning said, "not quite". But, indeed it is Spring and the few warm weather days we've had lately have found the Shaw's exploring the great outdoors as much as possible.

We tried our first attempt at camping (in our backyard) last Friday but never even got the tent unpacked because of the thunderstorms that threatened our campsite. We did get a chance to make a mini-bonfire, roast hot dogs and make sm'ores before we had to take the party inside.
The boys were disappointed that they didn't get to use their brand new sleeping bags and flashlights, so I let them "camp" in my closet. That's the thing about boys- that are ALWAYS looking for their next adventure. Most of the time I am happy to oblige.

I am ashamed to say that I haven't blogged since January. Several of my friends have jumped on the "blogwagon' and have inspired me to dust off the laptop keys and continue the digital scrapbook of our life.