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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Friday at Toccoa Falls College

Last Friday my friend Tori and I took the boys to Toccoa Falls college with us as we distributed Marriage Conference fliers. Micah & Britton got to ride in a stroller but Tate was a sport as he walked all over campus and then up to see the water fall. The weather here is finally becoming beautiful again so we plan on doing many, many outdoor activities this Spring. Below are pictures that Tori took of Micah (in red) and Tate (in blue). After the trip to the Falls, we went to McDonald's for lunch and then let the boys play in the Play land. They had a blast!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Britton's 1 yr Check-up

Went to the Doctor today- two toddlers in tow which is always a blast! Actually, they both behaved very well so I cannot complain. Little Britton has lost 5 ounces since October- must be all the cruisin'. He is 20% in height and weight (sorry, Daddy) but healthy as an ox. I forgot to mention on this blog that he had tubes put in his ears on Wednesday. He sis great and has been eating like a horse ever since. It is nice to see him out of pain, finally.

Sunday he woke up and had all of this yucky junk oozing out of his right ear- gross, yes- but it proves that the tubes are doing there job.

Things are pretty hectic around here- planning the Marriage Conference, Recruiting for MOPS, chasing babies, etc. We are good though. I have a Physical Therapy evaluation on Monday (Happy Birthday to me) so we can determine just what exactly is going on in my hip flexor (sp.?) area. My internist thinks that these babies have done a number on me and that my muscles are pulling away from the bone. I have been in constant pain since August and am ready to be healthy again!!

Love to all of you!


Saturday, February 17, 2007

NOT even close to the "Greatest Show on Earth"!

Well, we took Tate to the circus today along with our friends Beth & Joseph and their daughter Kalen. We had been prepping Tate since December for the "Greatest Show on Earth". Our enthusiasm was contagious and as the days counted down, we all got more and more excited. Well, either I was easily impressed as a child or Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey has tanked. I mean the show was pretty bad. The majority of the acts were either clowns or domestic cats and dogs. Sure, there were a few elephants and one Tiger act, but all in all it was a total flop. Tate kept asking "Where are the Lions?" He looked so disappointed. Anyway, we all had to laugh when it was over because what could we do? Better to find out how NOT great it is now than with a few more kids in tow. For anyone who is reading this and is contemplating taking their kid to the "Greatest Show on Earth" save your money! You will get more entertainment out of watching a ferret chase it's tail.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Grani

Derek's mom came to visit us 2 weekends ago and we celebrated her belated 50th birthday. Tate helped decorate the cake and was so exited to give Grani a little party. The two had a blast together- he LOVES spending time with grandparents and it makes my heart smile to see how much they love my boys!

Snow Pictures

As promised...

He is with Jesus

Baby Drew went to be with Jesus on February 11th, his 11 month birthday. The family laid his body to rest yesterday in our church cemetery. The funeral was truly a testament to God's Grace, Mercy, Love & Power.

The Pastor gave a short message on the believer's response to tragedy- specifically the death of a child. He told us how David prayed and wept and fasted when his son's life hung in the balance. That Jesus too, wept for his friend Lazarus. That weeping is natural and normal. Then the Pastor told us that once David's son had passed away, he got up, bathed, changed his clothes, anointed himself and then ate. His servants were confused- why would David choose now to eat and anoint- shouldn't this be the epitome of grief- knowing his son was dead? But David knew that his son was with Jesus. Finally, David worshiped the Lord. Praised him and thanked him for the earthly life and the eternal life of his son in heaven.

Drew's parents, Bruce & Tina along with the whole family are a living testament for the Lord. I know long days lie ahead for this family. They are turning to the Lord, each other and all of their family and friends for comfort and support. So many people would turn inward and shut themselves off at a time like this, but not them.

Please pray for strength and comfort for this family. Our whole community has been rocked by Drew's passing but through it all, the Lord has surely been glorified. Pray that Derek and I can find ways to minister to Bruce & Tina.

I cannot help but put myself in their place. This could have happened to any one of our children. Though I know that Drew is most certainly where we all long to be- "home"- he will be dearly missed on earth.

4 people will receive Drew's organs- what a blessing!

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Dear friends-
I ask that you get on your knees tonight and pray for Tina & Bruce. They are fellow church members of ours who are dealing with the devastating reality of having to let their precious little son, Drew go and be with the Lord. Drew developed bacterial meningitis after fluid from an ear infection leaked into his brain.

This past Sunday his parents said he had had a runny nose. They took him to the doctor on Monday and he was given an antibiotic to treat the ear infection. He seemed fine on Tuesday but by Wednesday was fussy and wanted to sleep all day. His parents took him to the doctor and the doctor immediately called 911.

On Thursday he was sent to Scottish Rite and by Saturday the doctors confirmed that there was no brain activity. Drew is on life support right now without hope of recovery. It has been said that his parents were going to take him off of life support today and let him go. I do not know if that has happened yet or not.

Please, please be in prayer for this family. I am heartbroken for them, as we all are. Pray for strength for the family and ultimately they come to know God's purpose and plan for sweet little Drew.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


We woke up this morning to a 5" blanket of snow. For us Southerners, that's practically a blizzard. Tate was so excited and he kept asking "Where did the grass go?"

We actually spent the night at my Gram's house in anticipation of wintry weather. The last time we had snow & ice we lost power at our house for three days and without a fireplace to keep us warm (well, we have the fireplace & logs but are waiting on the propane tank) we were FREEZING!! Gram has a wood burning stove so we are all nice and toasty- we still have power too. Derek is in Atlanta- he spent the night at my mom's house so he wouldn't be stuck up here today. He had several people flying in from all over the country today so he could not miss today at work.

Tate and I played out in the snow for about an hour and a half. It was so much fun! I felt like a little kid- we made a little snowman, threw snowballs at each other and tried to sled. We took some pictures so I will post them when I get a chance.

I have a million things to do at my house but it is actually nice to get away from there so I can just enjoy the day.

Be blessed, sweet friends!!