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Sunday, November 16, 2008

I have a friend...

I have a friend who cries every time she talks about her children. She lives her life putting her kids in front of herself. She makes sure her daughter has Pumpkin Parties at school and packs the healthiest lunch I've ever seen for her children. I have a friend who never lets you cry alone. Empathetic.

I have a friend who's made dinner for my family when I've been sick. Who's taken my children when I've been weary and who unselfishly cheers on my every success. I have a friend who is brave and confident and I recently saw her become a mother for the very first time. I've spent my whole life wondering what a "friend" is...she is the definition of this kind of unselfish devotion. Devoted.

I have a friend who credits me with starting a ministry for young mothers but without her, none of it would have been possible. The day I met her she was caring for someone else's child on a daily basis for free. She has three children of her own. This friend is the sister I always wanted. She can take truth and honesty even when it hurts- and I take it just as well from her. This friend is in unimaginable pain right now and my heart feels like someone has a death grip on it- oh how I grieve for her. My friend will use this for God's glory- His alone. Magnificent.

I have a friend who lights up a room when she enters it. She spends her life much like I do, trying to balance life and work and motherhood. I tell you that there is no one I would rather leave my child with on his first day of preschool than her. She is genuine and loving and precious to me and all who know her. Genuine.

I have a friend who shys away from the spotlight. She is calm and funny and knows more about college football than I could ever hope to. She's the reliable one- the one that will always be there, no matter what. She knows you for a minute a day or a year or more and her devotion is the same. She has a quietness about her and a heart that I long to know better. Selfless.

I have a friend who would give you not just the shirt off of her back, but the earrings and the shoes to match. She's thoughtful and listens and catches the details of you that no one else will. She's is as reliable as sunset. Her heart is still mending from almost a year's worth of hurt- she heals by helping others. She is as neat and clean as I am messy, yet she'll still ride in my car and call me a friend. Loyal.

I have a new friend that has a contagious laugh. She is warm and kind and seems to be all about the fun in life even though she's had her share of pain. She's light and hilarious and shares her heart freely. Honest.

...oh how much fun was that? I've got lots more friends to share with you but the minutes in my day that I get to devote to blogging are almost up. I'll write more later...

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Beach Photos

We went to the beach this year with our friends James, Andrea & baby Andrew. I think we were all a bit apprehensive about what it would be like to be together 24/7 for a week straight- I mean, sure we love each other, but you never know what can happen when you spend hours on end with the same family. Well, our fears were completely unwarranted, because we ended up having the best vacation that I can ever remember. We all had so much fun together and despite 3 people under the age of 5, it was very relaxing too. Now, only true friends won't give you a hard time if you want to go to bed before 10- and Andrea and I were happy to doze off by then a night or two. It was just so nice to be able to be ourselves- no agenda or "plans"- just be and enjoy our children and each other's company. It was so relaxing, in fact, I didn't take a million pictures like I normally would, but below are the moments I managed to capture on film...

The house we stayed at had a chess table- this kept the boys busy for hours. What can I say, Derek and I breed geniuses!

Brit plans his next move.

Tate trying to explain to Britton why it really is fare that he is master of all the chess pieces.

Baby Andrew is excited about one of his favorite things....FOOD! He flaps his "wings" when he gets is so cute!

Stair steps

Not sure we want to know what's going on right here...

Tate being chased by Britton

You lookin' at me?

Andrew & James brave the icy water....brrrrrrrrrrr

Tate models his mama's glasses

Tate's pretending that he is solving a mystery with Scooby Doo by his side.